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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Squared Enclave; Isn’t that Reason Enough?

A Squared Enclave; Isn’t that Reason Enough?

An “Enclave” is a nation or territory that’s completely surrounded by another country. The Vatican, for example, is completely surrounded by Italy. So, what’s an enclave squared? A territory completely surrounded by another country, which is itself surrounded by yet another.

Isn’t that exotic sounding enough that you’d want to go check it out? I do. I’m headed to Kuwait for a speech, and then professional meetings in Dubai. So, while I’m “in the neighborhood” I’m going to visit the enclave of “Nahwa” a tiny territory that’s part of Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates. So, there’s lonely Nahwa completely surrounded by the Omani territory of “Madha.” But wait, it’s not that simple! Madha, part of Oman, is itself cut off from the rest of Oman and is itself completely encircled by the United Arab Emirates.

Isn’t that reason enough to go?

Nahwa apparently consists of about 40 houses 8 kilometers down a dirt track from the “metropolis” of New Madha. It’s not that easy to find travel information. However, I have found a warning that it’s illegal to drive a dirty car in Oman! So, I expect I’ll need to wash my rental car after driving through the desert of UAE, and then again when I leave Nahwa to drive through Omani territory for a few minutes before I’m back in the UAE.

I love to travel and will go most anywhere for most any reason. An enclave within an enclave is reason enough. I’m not saying I’ll actually get there, because you never know when serendipity will take over. For sure, it will be an adventure.


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